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Uses of Recyclable Boxes under Green Initiative is a Welcome Change in the Relocation Industry

When planning and preparing for move the first thing that is required is the moving boxes, which are used to safely and efficiently move the items. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are gearing up for the residential move or business move, you no longer need to depend upon new or used cardboard boxes to pack your stuff, as we at BSL Packers and Movers provides you with Eco-friendly recyclable boxes, which are considered as a much better way to pack both domestic and business goods. These recyclable boxes are not only good for the environment but also for your wallet.

Benefits of Green Packaging

Recyclable boxes are the perfect moving boxes for cities like Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad that are usually on the move. The recyclables boxes facilitate safe and swift relocation of goods in these cities without trashing the environment. Available in customer-friendly sizes, our recyclable boxes stack perfectly, can easily be sealed and are crush-proof, dust-proof and water resistant, thereby ensuring utmost safety to the items packed. The recyclable boxes have also become our preferred choice because it load and unload faster and do not fall apart like new or used cardboard boxes. We give great significance and attention to packaging sustainability, as lighter packaging also reduces the packaging and transporting costs.

Features of Recyclable Boxes

The recyclable boxes we use for the packaging of your goods are made from 100 percent recyclable materials and are much bigger and stronger compared to traditional cardboard boxes. In our endeavor to safely transport all your goods and delicate items without any damage even on the most challenging road conditions, we use highly durable and effective recyclable boxes for packing your precious items. These sealed and water-resistant boxes ensure that the goods packed in these boxes are protected from water and moisture during the trip and also ensure that goods are prevented from cracking, warping, chipping or anything that can cause damage to the packed goods.

Recyclable Boxes, an Environment Friendly Initiative

Recyclable boxes or other green packaging materials are made through environmentally sensitive methods, as huge amount of energy is required in the production of traditional packaging materials like plastic, paper and cardboard. Generally, the source of the energy is fossil-fuels that contributes millions of tons of carbon-dioxide and methane into the atmosphere while the used packaging material ends up in landfills. Thus, to save the environment we have completely shifted to green materials and use only Eco-friendly recyclable boxes for packaging. The best thing about recyclable boxes is that these boxes can be recycled or reused several times instead of ending up in the landfill after the use. The use of same boxes again and again for moving will also prevent more trees from cutting down to make new boxes.

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